Formación y Desarrollo Profesional Docente

The educator in non-formal educational settings: a case study of graduates from the Catholic University of Peru

Sime, Luis
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Tesis doctoral | Nimega: Radboud University of Nijmegen. Recuperado de

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This thesis is motivated by the necessity, as a member of the teaching staff of a university community, of relating the content of courses to the professional experiences of former students by learning to read their career paths as individuals, as members of generation, and as social actors. It is a matter of concern that some faculties appear to be concentrating on producing professionals, without giving much thought to how adequately their courses prepare students for the types of career path that they are likely to follow. Researching graduate career paths provides a wealth of information in this respect, which can also be indicative of what the future trends, and therefore course needs, might be. The gaps between the academic and professionals worlds need to be bridged by an active concern geared towards opening channels that will enhance both worlds. To reduce these gaps, we need to question our graduates about their careers and lives in a different way. The research for this thesis has been a means of coming in closer contact with them.